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Thursday, September 30, 2010

A message from an Arab Catholic priest to Pastor Jones who wants to burn the Quran


A message from an Arab Catholic priest to Pastor Jones who wants to burn the Quran

Translated from Arabic.

A message from Father Elias Zahlawi (a Syrian Catholic priest) to Pastor Terry Jones (who is calling for the burning of the Quran).

Respected Pastor Terry Jones,

I have read your worldwide call for the burning of the Quran on this coming 11th of September. Your message stated that you are a pastor of one of the churches in Florida in the United States of America .

As an Arab Catholic priest from Damascus ( Syria ), I wondered what would be your objective, as an American pastor, for such a call?

I wondered, and I ask you: What are your responsibilities as a pastor?
Are you really a Christian pastor serving God in a church in America ?
Or are you merely a layperson from America who is pretending to be in the service of Christ?

Did you give in to your nationalism (Americanism) rather than giving in to your Christianity?

What is your aim with that call?

(Do you wish) to further fuel hatred among people? Is that consistent with (the teachings of) Jesus, whom you represent in your eyes and the eyes of many others?
Tell me, is there in the character of Jesus, in his words or in his actions anything that would remotely justify even a hint of promoting disdain and hatred among people?

Have you forgotten that Jesus was completely for love, forgiveness and peace? Have you forgotten what he taught us when he told his disciples and the people after them to tell God the heavenly Father of all to "forgive us our sins as we forgive those who wrong us"? You overlooked or forgot that when Jesus was hanging on the cross and being subjected to insults and vile words, he raised his voice, saying, "O Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."

Who, then, do you represent or who are you trying to guide with this call of yours?

Isn't it enough what has been happening since September 11, 2001: the killing, destruction, displacement and starvation of hundreds of millions of people throughout the world, from Palestine - the land of Jesus - by your leaders in particular, headed by George Bush, who was claiming direct communication with God?

Wouldn't you agree with me that with your call (to burn the Quran), you have demonstrated that you are really unfamiliar with Jesus and that you desperately need to re-discover him again to be a true Christian pastor who calls, like Jesus, for the comprehensive love and full respect for every human being and a commitment to the full and wonderful teachings that call upon all believers, without exception, to always stand beside the poor, the oppressed and the disadvantaged?

My brother Pastor Terry Jones. Can you tell me, honestly, if Jesus came today, whose side would he take?

Is it the side of the powerful and arrogant oppressors who dominate the world and endlessly plunder its resources, violate its laws and international treaties, and kill people in their countries and destroy houses on top of their owners and turn them into refugees across the earth? Or is it the side of those who are oppressed, the disadvantaged, hungry, and homeless?

Did you forget what Jesus himself would say on the Day of Judgment to each person in front of him: "All that you did to one of my brothers, you actually did to me"?

I wonder if you have overlooked or forgotten that Jesus did not point in that speech on the Day of Judgment to the religion of any of those mistreated persons. He only referred to everyone as belonging to the human race and to his standing with the deprived, the weak, and the oppressed in this world.

So how could you as an American Christian pastor stand with the oppressors from your country whose injustice has spread around the world?

Aren't you afraid of when you appear before Jesus on Judgment Day and you are burdened with a heavy conscience, like your leaders who are blinded by the gods of power, money, control and greed?

My brother Pastor Terry. Do you think I am being unfair if I conclude that your hatred toward Islam is what drove you to such a reprehensible call for the burning of Islam's holy book, the Quran?

But let me ask you, as a Syrian Roman Catholic priest: What do you know about Islam? It appears to me from your call to burn the Quran that you are ignorant of Christ and Christianity, and that makes me believe that you are also ignorant of Islam and Muslims.

Believe me, it is not my intention to indict you and it is not my intention to engage with you in a religious debate about Christianity or Islam. However, after I prayed for a long time, let me suggest for both of us to make a joint effort on this coming September 11.

You might ask me what effort can we do jointly when you are in Florida and I'm in Damascus ?

Here is my suggestion.

I invite you to visit Syria , where you will be my guest and the guest of many of my Muslim and Christian friends. Syria is a country populated mostly by Muslims and in which Christians are indigenous to the land and have lived side-by-side with Muslims for centuries and centuries.

Come and don't worry about anything.

Come and you will find out about Islam and Muslims what will comfort you, please you, surprise you, and even lead you, from where you are today in Florida, to invite all people to live in respect, love and cooperation among all people.

This is what people need rather than the un-Christian call to fuel the sentiment of hatred and division.

Come to Syria and you will be amazed by the good nature of people and their faith, their relations, friendly cooperation and openness toward all strangers.

Come to Damascus to witness and live an experience that is not in your mind nor the mind or expectation of all the churches of the West or their bishops, pastors, and clergymen.

Come to see and hear two choruses, Christian and Muslim, singing together during Christian and Islamic holidays to praise Allah, the One God, who created us all, and to whom we all return.

My brother Pastor Terry.

I call you my brother and I am serious about calling you brother and about my invitation to you. I await a word (of reply) from you. Trust me that you will find a brother in Damascus , actually many brothers.

Please contact me and don't delay. I am waiting for you in Damascus .

I ask God to make our anticipated meeting the beginning of a long and interesting path that we undertake together with other brothers in Damascus and around the world.

How desperate is the need of our world for bright roads.

Come, the road to Damascus is waiting for you.

Father Elias Zahlawi

hmmm.. nak cakap ape? sendiri fkir la kalu. huhu. copy paste ini dari emel ku.

Monday, September 20, 2010

rindu nak blogging!

salam alaik

wah..wah..wah.. raya sakan muni kan? :P kwn2 sume cmane? best x raya? alhamdulillah.. sambutan raya di rumah ku sederhana tapi meriah. juadah aidlfitri cukup semedang, sedara tak putus2 datang ke rumah, insyaAllah tak putus2 rahmat Allah dtg masuk umah aku. yelah.. orang kate, tetamu ni bawa rahmat@keberkatan ke rumah. salah betulkan yer.

sebenarnya saje nak lepas rindu pd blog and kengkawan blogger yg lain kejap. lebih2 lagi pada kak Aisyah, kak Mama (sorry kak, xsure mane 1 name akak), saudari Hijab dan rakan2 blogger yg lain. :) {saje xnk sebut name boleh kan?} dah 2 minggu lebih xsentuh blog kot. skadar nk update sikit, nak gtau aktiviti ape yg akan aku lalui.

 well, sebelum hari rabu ni sy akan busy dgn esaimen dan persediaan Pesta Konvo UTM ke 45. rabu smpai khamis minggu dpn pulak amat dasyat jadual sy krn bakal berada di tapak Pesta 24jam. huuuu~ penat taw jadi AJK Pesta Konvo. however, bessstt! :) yes, ini Pesta Konvo terakhir yg sy join sbg petugas, insyaAllah krn andai Allah izinkan, Konvo UTM ke 47 bakal meraikan graduasi sy dari UTM as Bach of Mechanical (Marine Technology). mudah-mudahan.. ameen ya rabb!

jadi, lepas raya dah kembali bertugas. hoho. kt umah aritu sbg anak sulung perempuan, semuanya atas sy lah. pertama kali masak juadah utk tetamu. dlm kuantiti yg byk, memasak bkn mudah. emm.. kena meng'expert'kan diri dgn skills, petua dan vocab dlm ilmu memasak la nmpknye. sume sedara dh mula pandang sy sbg orang dewasa. hukhuk. bkn adik sedara yg suke mengusik org and suke main mercun lagi. hehe

o yes... sori pada sume kwn2 sbb xdpt visit blog anda krn sy amat kebizian. nnt dh lapang, sy jln2 tanam bunga kt blog kalian sume eh. hehe.. esaimen, time raya xmampu disiapkan lagi. jadi sblm tulis blog, kasi setel dulu sume kije. barulah aman damai hatiku mau tulis blog. hehe. jadi suda lewat mlm juga. baiklah sy tidur dulu eh...

opps! before that, sy mau minta maaf lah sbb skejap ckp aku, skjp ckp sy. berikut adalah jadual yg "awkward" utk blogger sume. hahaha. sengal kan muni ni? :P nite everyone!

Jadual Pelik
Kata ganti diri
Nak bercakap sorang a.k.a sedang mahu melepaskan geram/perasan pada blog (diari la kunun).
Nak komen boleh je. Nasihatkan la sy yg selalu jiwa kacau nih.
Teringin berkongsi kata-kata, ilmu dll pd semua orang. ^___^
Komen sangat dialu2kan. :)
Fleksibel. :) suke guna utk bahasakan diri kpd orang yg manja dan org yg lebih tua. hehe
Ntah! :P

Thursday, September 9, 2010

dapat award II!

salam malam

apalah raya2 pun dapat award? hukhuk. tenkiu kpd yg bagi kat aku, encik fahmi.

pelik punye award. dah wish bg penumbuk pulak. err.. mtk maaf la slh silap aku yer fahmi. sbb aku la ko kene 'burger' ngn mamat2 sengal tu kan? ahahaha.. indahnya~ :D

nk tagkan award ni pada kwn2 sume. amek la if xkisah kena penumbuk raya dari blog muni ni. (cam garang je ek..?) ala.. jgn segan2. amek je ok?! (~,^)

salam aidilfirti utk semua rakan blogger :)

salam alaik

malam ni mlm tgk bulan. alhamdulillah.. sabtu dijangka raya insyaAllah. :) hampir sebulan berpuasa akhirnya tak lama lagi kita akan berhari raya, hari khusus untuk kita bergembira atas kemenangan berpuasa sebulan. insyaAllah..

nak buat post tentang hari raya tapi tak pandai nak berceloteh tentang perihal hari raya. maka, sedikit utk dibualkan di sni..

hampir setahun or maybe dah lebih setahun blog ni muncul di muka alam maya ni. dari awal2 dulu, jenuh juga fikir, nak bagi blog ni jenis blog apa, diary ka..catatan pengembaraan ka..laman rujukan Islam ka..jual beli barang ka.. kalut je kan? =D mula2 dulu poyo2 je tulis diary kt blog. bila dah ramai jumpa member blogger, wah.. cam best jek berkongsi ilmu dan melakukan bacaan bebas lagi riang! so, ini adalah blog suka hati saya lah! hahaha

merapu apa nih? =_="

sbnaqnya, nak minta maaf pada semua sahabat blogger sebab mungkin tidak senang duduk membaca penulisan saya yang ntah pape, kadang skema, kadang cakap Aku, sat g saya, merapu2 dan suka mengkopiteh, ah ngarut la sume! jadi ni lah masanya nk minta maaf kt SEMUA  skali yer atas ketidak puasan hati anda. gugugu.

eh tapi kan, somehow, ade je post2 berilmu kan? takdelah sia2 spend masa tulis blog kan? (=_=" hopefully)

ni la peberet saya; Sorority Life dan juga MuniCooper Mini Cooper. hehe

 jadi dgn semangatnye, saya pun mengedit sesuatu yg illegal dan menjadi sesuatu yg legal spt pic di atas. ngeh3. dari xtau guna software, tetibe terkeluar lak idea nak wat mnde alah ni. so, SPECIAL HARI RAYA NIH! wawawa~ *khas utk antum skalian.. *

 p/s; aku skadar nk update jek. dgr2 ada org ckp bosan sbb bukak page aku ni same jek post nyer. xde hapdet pape pun. huhu. yolah~~~ ini la dia.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

kecik2 dah gatal

salam alaik

alhamdulillah.. selamat berbuka dgn sgt kenyang tadi di Damai Restoran, Perling, JB bersama rakan sekelas. tak pernah2 kami berbuka ramai2 mcm tu hingga menelan RM450. sebenarnya memang agak mahal life style org2 JB tapi aku layan ajalah!

ape yang buat aku menulis ni adelah kisah masa mnumpang solat di surau yg berhampiran ngn restoran tu. usai solat maghrib, rakan-rakan muslimah telah menunggu di luar kawasan Ladies Prayer Room. ada penduduk setempat yang sudah tak sabar2 nak solat terawih di masjid. yang menggetikkan aku adalah beberapa pelajar sekolah menengah yang kiranya baru berumur 13 hingga 14 tahun yang duk bersidai kat perkarangan surau tuh.

"ko suruh la BF ko topupkan!"

"nak tau, BF aku panggil AYANG!! bla bla bla..."

yucks!! tak taulah. aku rasa cam jelik lak dengan perkara2 macam tu. bukan niat nak mengutuk atau memalukan mana2 pihak. cuma hati ni rasa sgt2 tak bersetuju jikalau masih di bangku persekolahan, baju sekolah pun mak yang masih jahitkan, beg sekolah pun minta ayah belikan, dah menggatal nak berkepit ngan lelaki. nak berboyfren sana sini. nak berawek keliling pinggang. tau la wajah anda jambu dan wangi tapi neraka tu tak sedap mcm makan jambu, xwangi macam jambu wangi. *apakah??* pastu mtk ayah blikan tepon. siap mtk topupkn lg. nk topup sdri xde duit.

melihatkan pada zaman aku bersekolah dahulu kala, orang akan pandang TOP la kalau kite dah ade pakwe. *damn* aku sangat tak suke krn perkara jahiliyah tu. aku pun pernah dikenen2kan dgn mamat sana la mamat sini la. alhamdulillah aku further study kat KISAS. thus, hal-hal couple ni kurang la sikit. takdela aku sakit mata tgk student laki pompuan berkepit2 time outing. *eh ade je jumpa dak sekolah lain dating kat McD Klang tu*

google punya *jijik!*

bukan apa ek, persekolahan adalah masa yang sangat berharga dan sgt2 youthful! jangan la tiru sgt anime jepun, cter korea and muvi2 omputeh yang duk bercinta kat sekolah. geli ngok! dorg tu bukan Islam. memang dah sah2 masuk neraka *tanggungjawab kite utk tarik dorg mausk syurga*. ni yang kite ni, duk layan lak perkara2 sia2 lagi sial cmtu. tak heran la kat Klang tu ade je klinik pengguguran bayi utk remaja belasan tahun. byrn pun murah jek.
anime google

flow kapel ni mudah jek. 

usha-mengusha.--> tukar emel *nak fesbuk* --> tukar no fon --> jumpa kat sekolah etc --> dating kat luar

time dating lak,

jln2 mkn--> bli barang *konon2* --> duduk2 jap --> "wah cantiknya jam awk!" pegang tgn-->wyg jom!

ulat bulu dah naik daun!!

pegang tgn --> pegang lengan--> pegang bahu--> dekat2kan muka-->kiss--> wayang sendirik!

ceh! bajet aku tak tau ah bnda2 mcm ni? aku pun pro la der. haih.. pasai tu la bayi bersepah kat tong sampah tu. bodoh lagi bangang punya manusia. *astaghfirullah..* hmm tetibe aku lak naik emo. siyes, AKU TAK SUKA BUDAK SEKOLAH BERCINTA

dia ni pun manusia. ada hak nak hidup..
google kosmo. hmmm dah sedap, cover pkai tdung labuh. haish.. ntahla. xtau jln cter utk gmbr nih.

sbg kakak dan sebagai bakal ibu, *bakal berkahwin tak lame lg, insyaAllah* aku mengesyorkan sume wanita kat dunia ni jaga diri baik2. lelaki ni, dah buat, takkan nk bertanggungjawab punya. ade pun xramai. ni akuan dari kazen Aizat aku sdrik. dr mulut sorg laki. hurmm.. so, nasihatilah adik2 kite, temanilah anak2 kite.. semoga tiada kesepian dlm hidup mereka smpai mereka nak cari bnda2 yg terkutuk tu. ameen..

ref; pengalaman org n sendirik. huhu

dapat award!

salam alaik

arini dpt award dr MamaHidayahAmin. seronoknye~ hehe.. award edua dr rakan blogger. cm xlayak je nk dpt. tp nk jwb skali tag yg akk beri. =)

Nyatakan 7 makanan kegemaran anda sewaktu berbuka puasa atau bersahur?

senangnye nk jwb! hehe

1- susu
2- kismis (pengganti kurma)
3- air masak
4- biskut
5- nasik berlauk
6- cucur tepung
7- buah

nmpk cam cikai je ek makan cmtu? ish xlah! lgsung x. duk hostel xsame la cm mkn kt umh. ni sume mkanan wajib time sahur je. nasik berlauk tu time buke. ok la.. munie xcerewet makan sebab slalu duk terfikir-fikir

"aku ni makan sedap2 kat UTM nih, adik2 ak makan ape la kt umh" 

"tp mst abah beli mkanan best kt bazar.. ibu lak masak sdp2" 

"heh, beli je ah kt mkanan yg jarang2 mkn kt bazar nnt. hehehe"

so.. kt ats tu sbg jwpn n FYI utk blogger skalian. 

pstt! dah mlm ke 22 ramadhan dah. dh msuk juzu' bape? =)