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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Shoe DIY

Salam alaik.

This is my first DIY project. Snapped the pictures with some cheap camera from an expensive mobile phone.

Enjoy :)

1) It starts with my almost-trow-away shoe. Notice the brighter part? It used to have a pad on it but i removed it. FYI, i did wash the shoe but the fake leather is so nasty.

 2) Then, I paste bright cotton fabric with glue. I use Dunlop glue which i don’t have the idea what its really special feature for but as long it can hold the cloth to the old fake leather shoe, who minds? ;) Notice that the fabric is cut and paste into the inner side of the shoe.

 3) When it done pasting, here they were. The pasting is complete and this is how it should look like.

 4) The leftover fabric is cut into the shape of the shoe, to paste inside the shoe later.

5) I paste another fabric to the outer shoe. i found yellow cotton viscous fabric and it is very easy and perfectly glued.
6) Remember the left over fabric cut into the shape of my shoe base just now? Good. After pasting was done, i paste the base into the shoe, so that the green original inner-base can get covered. However, the glue is dirtying it. :( yeah, lacking skills, still.

7) Paste glitter ribbon on the side.

8) it looked so sweet yet neat to my fake feet. hehe

9) Walla~! There you go :)

10) Additional accessories made from leftovers red clothes is pasted and sewn on my bright yellow cute shoe. ^_________^ 

It's not hard to do it when you feel money is always right to keep inside your wallet for future use, right? ;)

p.s. yes, my grammar, my camera and my photo-editing skill sucks! but i don’t care :D