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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

tag kedua

salam alaik
yes.. ni tagging blog. sy sitag oleh bilah. hoho.. sooo..ni la dy my answers. ^^

3 names in your message inbox
nik hafizullah (member keje JSE)
arifah (dak cls yg same2 LI kt JSE)

your main ringtone
ne-yo - never knew i needed

what you did at 12 last night?

who was the last person you went with? where?
ipah, balik keje.

the colour of t-shirt you are wearing now

the last thing you did
tgk shaun the sheep sefamily ^^

3 of your everyday favourite items
hand lotion

the colour of your bedroom

how much money in your wallet now?
25 bucks.

how's life?
dlm recovery of my accident effect. ^^ dah byk sgt yg improve. other life, seronok LI kt JSE ngn rkn2 skerja yg senget2 xkira tua atau muda.

your favourite song
taylor swift - fifteen

what will you do next weekend?
insyaAllah, pegi kenduri kawin am senget.

when was the last time you see your mom?
just a few minutes a go..

where is she now?
dpn tv. tgk katun ngn adik2. hehe

when was the last time you talk to your parents?
jap td. ngusik abah. keh3

who is the last person talked to you last night?

the last suprise you got
several days ago. someone from overseas calls me! haha

last thing you borrowed from your friend
nik's safety jacket

who is your bf/ gf/ husband/ wife?
i dun have any. :(

what do you feel right now?
missing someone, touched by Daddy kind article, fun with shaun, sleepy too..

wanna share with who?

who know your secret?
mostly my secret is held by... NABILAH HASSAN, walid and aizat aj.

they keep your secret?
hehe xsimpan, siap korg!

are you angry with someone?
No ^_^ but guilty to somebody else. haih..

what do you order at McD?
double cheese burger. my fav!

the last time you feel so sad?
pas maghrib hingga ke isyak td.

mahu tag?
nak kot.. ;)

selamat mencuba.. ^^


melatidaisy said...


mekasih muniey sudi sempurnakan amanah ni.heheh =)

MuNie said...

hahaha amanah ea? same2 ^^