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Sunday, January 17, 2010

money buys public safety

ni esaimen yg aku nak hantar kt Prof Hafifi ESOK. hahaha

On Thursday, June 29, 1995, a big department store called Sampoong Department Store crashed to floor for some irresponsible reason; built by failures and greediness. About 1500 casualties had been trapped in the incident. Specifically, 501 affirmed died and 937 injured.

The mall was built originally as four floor office building. The next chairman, Lee Joon redesigned the building as a large department store later on during its construction. This involved cutting away a number of support columns in order to permit the installation of escalators. The contractor refused with the demand and got fired. His own company design it themselves and completed the construction with a great layout.

Next, the building was added up with one more floor on the top planned as skating rink but it was cancelled as the function of a department store won’t be achieved. Hence, the fifth floor turned to include eight restaurants which installed with hot water pipes through the floor concrete. When a construction company tasked to complete the extension advised that the structure would not support another floor, they were once again fired. The installation of heat water pipes will add extra huge load on the concrete slab. On 1993, three giant air conditioners located on the top of the building roof by pull it through one side to one side. The vibrations were gigantic and and resonance effect started to place.

The collapse of the famous and happening store was started by the appearance of cracks in April 1995. During the tragic day, the crack had increased to an incredible size as big as man’s fist. The Facilities Manager, Mr Lee received complaints from stalls owner on fifth floor and reported it to the executives. Because of the customers in the building were outstandingly high, they denied on shutting down the premise and left for precaution. So, Mr Lee shut the air conditioners off and closed the top floor.

From the journals, five hours before the incident, several loud bangs were heard from the top floors as the result of air-conditioning vibrations. Even so, nobody announce the emergency to hundreds of customers there. It then followed by the falling of the roof and the air conditioning units and less than 20 seconds, the building flattened to the ground. The property damage estimated in about US$216 million.

Around the world, this is only one of examples on ignored ethics value. Isms rises these days were incredibly worrying. Desperate relatives of casualties of the incidents claimed justice which then brought the executives to jail for their greediness and stubbornness. The disaster then led to fears on the safety standards on engineering projects carried out in the country. It also expose the level of corruptions among the city officials; money for public safety.

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