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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pesbacs - Pangkor~

these 3 charming princesses are dancer for kurik kundi. it is a dance that combining all the ethnics in Malaysia. however no Chinese and Indian's customs added. hoho.. well, me at the center. the cutest one! hahaha

haha.. seems good huh? very beautiful beach, mesmerizing and fascinating those loves natures. all of the girls on the rock are my siblings in program anak angkat as one of the activity in pesbacs. we are 8 but not all of them are hanging on the rock. haha..

those 2 pics are taken in Pulau Pangkor, one of lovely island in Malaysia. the next post are fulled with pictures taken there. hehe.. well, to comment the program, i wud rate it as 2 star. it was good but not excellent as expected. it takes 4 days ang 3 nite staying there, in fisherman village. the best part is i lived in the farthest village in the island. it takes 30minutes to walk to our working centre. hoho..

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