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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pesbacs - Miri~

after the program in Pangkor, we proceed our program to Miri, Sarawak. it was 10 days program in 3 different place. Miri, Kuching and Brunei Darussalam. from Peninsula of Malaysia, we fly in Boeing 747 of MAS to Miri Airport. that was the first fly of me in a plane. oh man.. [jakun gle!] hahaha.. everybody were exited to watch the take off of the flight. it was a such happening day.

then, in miri we stay with keluarga angkat [english dy ape eyh?] for 5 days. it kinda weird and uncomfortable there but it is truly a new experience for us. i seldom follow my sister and my mama to the thin river, it looks like parit where a crocodile babies are living there. hahaha... seriously there were crocodile inside the river. the water are yellowish and cold!

oh yes, we took bath in river because the village ain't no water n electricity supply. i wonder when will my family can enjoy bathing in the house and watch tv while enjoying the wind from fan during the hot sunny day. poor on them. huhu..

there, i learnt about the culture of Sarawakians. what their foods, customs, culture, lifestyle, languages and more! i wish i can stay there a bit longer.

after program in Miri, we went to Brunei, a country full of art and Islamic touches. i love the country so much. hehe.. the people were kind, energetic, smart and easy going. the facilities are adequate and houses are pretty good. most of them drive import cars, even an old-not beautifully dressed lady, i saw her drive in Toyota Vios proudly. hahaha... o yes, the traffic is so polite. vehicles are the to stop when sumone crossing the road. safe in that way, rite?

from Brunei, we wemt to Kuching. a lot of money were spent there. hehe.. however, time stop us to enjoy the shopping as there are lots more place to visit. urgh!! back ther ein Kuching, i happened to buy 3 pieces of terubuk masin with RM10 and 3 types of baked-layer cake worth RM40. then, some merchandice for my family and friends. since the time and no ATM available there, i cud only buy very small amount things for them. so, whoever receive present from me, dun complain and who dont, i am sorry.. not enough to give lol. next time, got money and more time, i wud buy more for all my close friends. huhu..

ok, end with the stories from Borneo. next post will be the pictures. and some description. huhu..

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