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with love, Munie..

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Allah.. i'm in love.

the past that always comes reminding
the future that i never knew the ending
the present which i foolishly spending

Allah.. i don't know him
i don't know the love i have for him
or the love he said to me
i don't know anything if You won't show
pls Allah.. pls guide us..

ya Allah..
please forgive us..
the love inside might not as You like..
Allah.. please bless us with Your rahmah and forgiveness..
don't make him slides to hell for the love to me he held.

Allah.. :(
i love him because of You, my Lord..
so please grant us with nikah..
grant us with yr forgiveness..
and great blessings..

Allah.. i'm in love..


Anonymous said...

in love..

Anonymous said...

subhanallah walhamdulillah

ku doakan yang terbaik utk sahabat tercinta..ameen :)


p/s: malas nk sign in `_`