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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

just one short post

it has been a long time since i left my blog for exams. i'm so busy till no time for enjoying outside campus life. now, as the dusk is surround, i feel like writing.

27 dresses. i just watch it on channel 413 astro. it's a great story and it feels like me. i was just like the bridesmaid. the movie gives me a great impact. i watched it before and i cried. just now i'm not. still, the impact remains.

i kept thinking of who is me when with my family. does they likes me?i know they probably loves me but likes? i dont think so.

and i still thinking of my love life. am i still not a good lover? why i always in bad luck of love relationship?

friendship? with those girls and boys. i do great with some guy friends. but not so in line with girl friends. some bossy, some too eager and bad-tempered, some so silent, some so selfish, some so hardly explain. they are woman anyway. so do i. i have no choice. or my choice is limited. sigh~ i just dont know.
my carrier? it is the worst, terrible ever! it's not worth with my work. work so hard and the result? DISASTER.

i will never say i'm ok as this evening, i depressed too much. but i'll never keep the negative flow through and let me down. my someone has surpassed me in Sorority Life application in Facebook. he always complaining of my level is higher than me, but see, how he treat me? just right to add oil into fire i guess. a long story short would never happen.

plz god.. help me! bring me to yr light.. i need u my lord.. amin


FaBuL0us HazY MesSy LiFe said...

mne tempat sembang2..xde keh??huhuhuhu

sPastic MeNtal said...

tnang...tabahkan hati :) ummm